How to write helpful reviews for people with acces…

More than 65 million people worldwide need wheelchairs to get around. Yet, information about accessibility isn’t always easy to find. From sharing photos of wheelchair-friendly entrances to answering questions about accessibility, Local Guides like you can help make life easier for many people by adding this important info on Google Maps. This doesn’t just help peopleContinue reading “How to write helpful reviews for people with acces…”

Why plain language is vital for website usability | Web design | Creative Bloq

Want to make your site easier for everyone to read? Start with plain language. The plain language I’m talking about isn’t just about paying attention to grammar details or ‘dumbing down’ the information. It’s about communicating clearly. Plain language makes information usable, so people can find the information they need, understand it when they findContinue reading “Why plain language is vital for website usability | Web design | Creative Bloq”

Writing content for responsive design | 4 Syllables

If you’re writing for the web, you’re writing for responsive design. Or you soon will be. In this article, we offer some tips to get your content working well on a range of screen sizes and orientations. … 3 tips to make content work for responsive designs. 1 Write in plain English. 2 Pay attention to contentContinue reading “Writing content for responsive design | 4 Syllables”