Original Bring Beetroot Back to Subway page here

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2009 – Mike reports via twitter Beetroot here to stay – as a cost option :

Subway keeps Beetrot a a cost option.
Subway keeps Beetrot a a cost option.

Beetroot a ‘cost option’ at Subway or Extortion?.

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2006 – It seems the September announcement of my putting this Bring Beetroot Back to Subway crusade was premature! Almost immediately after posting that September update I received a comment informing me that NSW Subways didn’t have Beetroot back. Well I received some more feedback off blog from another source from within the Subway camp confirming that fact and my correspondence has put the crudsade to Bring Beetroot Back to Subway back on the frontline. More will be forthcoming soon on my blog.

Stay tuned and lend your support by leaving a comment

UPDATE: As of September 2006 I am sufficiently satisfied that it seems Beetroot is back to stay in Subway. So I am putting my Bring Beetroot back to Subway campaign into remission. Thanks to everyone who showed their supoport and took an interest. If you wish to continue to add your comments as a sign of support, pleae feel free to.

These pages will stay as a remider to stand up for something, anything, you believe in!

Thanks for your interest in my Beetroot site.

Unfortunately spam in the Guestbook has ruined the guestbook site. I’ll be using my blog page here for recording comments in future as it has spam controls. Unfortunately though it means I’ve lost the really good comments from the guestbook.

So if you’d like to add your support for Beetroot (or pineapple) on Subway then leave a comment here using the link below.



33 thoughts on “Beetroot

  1. Hi,
    I reckon bring back the beet! oh and while you are at it, I want pineapple, and they have now done away with baby spinach leaves in my local subways in north QLD.
    They have carrot…. sometimes! but I suspect that it to will go the way of the beet. Bring back the colour in our subs! Havent subway heard of multiculturalism? Just because its not "traditional" on an american sanga, doesnt mean it isn’t for us! Better watch out Subway, or you may find your lack of variety (the spice of life remember!!) will result in us bringing our own sandwiches again… or heaven forbid, going to a different store!!

  2. I am in total agreement that you need Beetroot. You also need Pineapple. I love Subway but I also love Beetroot on my Sandwiches. There is plenty of competition out here ready to give us our Beetroot mr Subway. And yes, it does influence my decision where to eat.

    Even your biggest competitor eventually got it right. The ONLY shit I eat at McDonalds is a McOz…Why? Because it has beetroot and tastes so bloody good because of it. Get rid of those in your organisation that are holding you back in the dark ages.

  3. Beetroot is essential part of any salad I am in an ausie in phillipine,s and cannot buy (cant find anyone who even knows what it is) it here so i am buying seeds today on internet to start a new commercial crop in Phill.
    good luck with subway
    REg Allan

  4. Beetroot is still missing in all the Subways I’ve been to lately. Perhaps NSW hasn’t made enough noise!

  5. I used to eat at Subway when they had beetroot, but now I go to my local deli and can have anything I want on my roll. They taste better and are the same price. Also my money stays in the local community rather than going to some knob in the US who has fifteen suits all the same colour.

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  7. Yo Beetboy,

    I happen to work at subway in brisbane (alas, no beet) and i feel that uniformity of products is utterly disgusting. Its like that at all chain stores: mc fattys, hungrys etc. Honestly, i am only too aware of this sort of globlisation going on and i feel ashamed to work there, but i do it for the base wage ($8.95 an hour for a 17 yr old).

    As consumers, you should make your feelings well known and BOYCOTT ALL SUBWAY STORES untill this problem is ressurected.

    Also beet would not be my personal preference i stand strong on your morals and i say that RAW ONION can go fuck itself.

    Cheers mate! Your doing an awesome job!! Dont give up!

  8. Hey there sandwich artist , seriously, that’s what they call you right?

    Mate, thanks so much for your great feedback. I applaud your honesty and stance.

    "You gotta stand for something, or you gonna fall for anything!"

    And yeah, raw onion sucks too! Good point.

    Keep the faith buddy.

  9. Yes!

    I’ve never seen beetroot in a Subway in WA, but good lordy I would love to. I truly believe that this is the most important political campaign of our time.

  10. I love subway but beetroot sux. its messy and i hate it in my subway. adelaide has beetroot and never got rid of it but i wont be upset if it goes for good.

  11. From December 2007, Adding Beetroot to your subs will cost $0.30 extra on 6 inch subs and $0.60 extra on foot-long subs. At least in all the Subway stores I’ve been to have this “important” sticker about beetroot attached to their shop-windows.

  12. Subway is charging for Beetroot because all you greedy people have been asking for too much. The formula for beetroot is 3 cubes on a six inch and 6 cubes on a foot long. you all ruined it for every one….Now we have to pay. Also beetroot is only available in South Australia. No other city in the WORLD has it so you should be grateful we have it whether we have to pay for it or not.

  13. A friend of mine owns 5 subways in melbourne. he said he would never have beetroot in his stores & is surprised we do as the US calls the shots world wide. we in SA should be grateful that we have it here. I personally find it messy and not suited for a sandwich. Dave maybe you should stop this pathetic blog of yours and get a real life you loser…………….

  14. I’ll be taking possession of my first Subway store in central QLD in Feb of next year (2008), and as far as I’m concerned – beetroot and pineapple will be available! Spineless franchisees are ruining this country – it’s time someone showed them that increased sales result from giving the people what they want! I’ll be sure to post when my campaign is successful!

  15. For all you lay-abouts who can’t pack your own sandwiches…it might help you to know that beetroom is one of the healthiest vegetables out…it has high amounts of vitamin A and A, is high in fibre and not only that but the “messy” colouring (pigment) is full of flavaniods that have antioxident,anticarcinogenic actions and have also been seen to beb beneficial in the treatment of heart disease and stroke.
    I’m sure a few of you subway guzzling folk could use a bit of that action!
    Lets clean up shall we…why not take a pill and be done with it! geez! get messy people it could save your life!

  16. Beetroot is one of the few “vegies” I do like on a burger or as part of a salad. I don’t usually have a salad when I am aubway but know what I will have for lunch tomorrow and see if they do have beetroot.

  17. Bring back beetroot im live in North Qld and i have a huge bunch of mates that refused to go into a subway because they do not have beetroot on the menu… Bring it Back HELL YES!

  18. Beetroot is a must for Hambugers,Salads and though I have never had one with beetroot,should be included in Subways.
    The only time I have ever eaten Macdonald’s was when they brought out the ‘aussie burger'(i think they called it that) it was a burger with beetroot.
    If beetroot were to be eaten through out the world, there would be less war,disease,and crime would drop,the war on drugs would be over and people may just admit that someone out there ate fast food.
    It’s about time for a trip to South Australia for a beetroot subway,I’m on my way!!

  19. G’day, I work at a Subway in Adelaide. We were told to inform customers the reason we got rid of beetroot was “due to market conditions”, in other words, it was costing Subway too much. Due to public outcry, ONLY South Australia has beetroot, but at an extra cost of 30 cents. This was subways idea of letting the customer decide. We faced either deleting beetroot from our menu, or charging for it. So please, when wanting beetroot, don’t bitch and moan about the extra 30 cents, be thankful you get the choice unlike NSW and Victoria.

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