Functions to Add ARIA to Tables and Lists

… Generally when I write and present things, I provide techniques, ideas, examples, and experience to address issues. When I write copy-paste-ready code, with a few older exceptions, I write generic code not tied to a framework nor library. … I have, however, written a couple vanilla JavaScript functions that you can drop into yourContinue reading “Functions to Add ARIA to Tables and Lists”

Maintaining Accessibility in a Responsive World

…being “accessible” means many things. It means that a page must load quickly—even in slow and spotty mobile networks. After loading, the page should be usable and feel appropriate and intuitive to folks using any device, browser, viewport size, and assistive technology. More often than not, the practices we use to achieve these goals playContinue reading “Maintaining Accessibility in a Responsive World”

Keyboard Navigation for Responsive Web Design | Art+Tech

HTML provides a tabindex attribute to control the tab order of elements when their document ordering differs from their visual ordering, but this is insufficient to cope with multiple dynamic orderings that can arise from developing Responsively.A CSS nav-index property was proposed which would have provided a way to solve this problem, but was unfortunatelyContinue reading “Keyboard Navigation for Responsive Web Design | Art+Tech”

Mobile Web Accessibility for Developers – Slides and Video – Marcy Sutton

Mobile Web Accessibility for Developers We are web developers creating responsive websites and hybrid mobile apps with our HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills. How can we ensure our mobile experiences are accessible to all people, including those with disabilities? In this talk, we’ll discuss mobile web accessibility fundamentals, pain points and development tips you canContinue reading “Mobile Web Accessibility for Developers – Slides and Video – Marcy Sutton”

Writing content for responsive design | 4 Syllables

If you’re writing for the web, you’re writing for responsive design. Or you soon will be. In this article, we offer some tips to get your content working well on a range of screen sizes and orientations. … 3 tips to make content work for responsive designs. 1 Write in plain English. 2 Pay attention to contentContinue reading “Writing content for responsive design | 4 Syllables”