About Lifekludger

Welcome to Likekludger! 


  • Lifekludger is more than a blog. It’s an idea. A meme. A wish. A hope.
  • Lifekludger is about growing an ecosystem for enriching human life and potential.
  • Lifekludger aims to enrich lives by connecting (networks of) people who make things for fun and need things for life.
  • Lifekludger, where I act as a community designer, a Mad Scientist – seeding the ecosystem into existence, nurturing its growth.

Lifekludger started as a vision you can read here. This is only the first draft but it will give you the general idea.
Lifekludger Vision

Lifekludger Background

Lifekludger is about solving problems to help us get the most out of life. It is about finding ways to workaround those problems – finding ‘kludges’.

Lifekludger generally grew out of explaining some of the workarounds I use, or could use, to get around barriers in working and doing life with a disability.

Life Enriching Life-Kludges.

Sometimes the kludge might actually solve the problem, other times it may just serve as a way to live with the problem easier. Either way, it is all about making life a more enriching experience – even the process of exploring for these lifekludges can be an enriching experience.

Contexts and Clues.

There’s lots of people on planet Earth doing lots of things for lots of reasons…or no reason at all. All this activity takes place in a context of the person’s life. The persons life itself is in the context of being on this planet.

All this activity leaves clues. This blog will try to look outside of the contexts the activity is in for clues on how it could be applied in a different context. To get from one context to another takes a Kludge!

Change and Connectedness.

Technology, Kludges and Hacks. Adaptation, Modification and Manufacture. All are about change. Change can often involve leaving something behind – disconnecting one thing from another and connecting somewhere else. Where it needs to, this blog will strive to only disconnect things but connect people – connect people to things and people to people.


If you know of something, anything, that you think would fit the Lifekludger mission, please email your thoughts to ideas@lifekludger.net. Or if you would like to contribute or help in some other way or offer suggestions, comment or criticisms, please contact me via the “Contact” page or the “About Me” page.


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