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David N Wallace (dnw)

The words “Tall, Dark and 2 outa 3 ain’t bad” could be used to describe me. But they’re often not. Suffice to say I’m an Ozzie guy who likes to think.

I have a personal experience of disability being a C4 Quadriplegic since a motor vehicle accident in 1981. I am committed to making life work and ‘getting on with it’.

My passion is about using technology to enrich lives. My outlet project for that passion, and an extension of my life, is Lifekludger, where I act as a community designer, a Mad Scientist – seeding the lifekludger ecosystem into existence, nurturing its growth.

I’m a practical sort of guy who in a previous life (that is to say, prior to my accident and being in IT) was a mechanic. I seem to have a brain wired to solve problems.

I have a personal blog called blob, and a blog called Lifekludger, which generally grew out of explaining some of the workarounds I use, or could use, to get around barriers in working and doing life with a disability. I also maintain a blog consisting of curated, hand picked articles on all forms of accessibility.

I have previously hosted a podcast on The Podcast Network that focuses in the intersection of technology and human desire called The Extraordinary Everyday Lives show

I currently work as an Online Information Consultant at DHS in Adelaide, South Australia.

You can see some of the things I get up to over on my Popular page.

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Oct 19, 2007 8:04 PM

Kara wrote:
Hi Dave

I saw your site “advertised” on the back of a four-wheel drive this evening and thought I would check it out. I work in Worker’s Compensation and am inspired by what I have found. Too many of my clients are bogged down in the negative you seem to see this as a positive, a driving ambition to find a solution. Kudos to you!

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