How to write helpful reviews for people with acces…

More than 65 million people worldwide need wheelchairs to get around. Yet, information about accessibility isn’t always easy to find. From sharing photos of wheelchair-friendly entrances to answering questions about accessibility, Local Guides like you can help make life easier for many people by adding this important info on Google Maps. This doesn’t just help peopleContinue reading “How to write helpful reviews for people with acces…”

Assistive Technologies I Test With

Based on a Q&A question on how I (a non-accessibility professional) test accessibility July 19, 2018 After a recent talk on Accessibility, I was asked during the Q&A about what Assistive Technologies (AT) I test with while I’m developing. Such a good question! I hadn’t ever thought about what I actually test with and asContinue reading “Assistive Technologies I Test With”

How to Add Alternative Text to Facebook Photos

The news about adding alternative text to Facebook images wasn’t announced in the same way as the news that Twitter added the alternative text feature for images a couple of years ago. … … What is Alternative Text? Alternative text, also known as alt text, lets you add text descriptions to photos, diagrams, and illustrations.Continue reading “How to Add Alternative Text to Facebook Photos”

10 Apple accessibility solutions everyone should know

… The great thing about the accessibility tools inside Apple products is that they make those products better for everyone. Here are some accessibility solutions every Apple user needs to know. You are the great Dictation Macs, iPads, iPhones — even the Apple Watch — all support dictation. You can use this to dictate messages, emails, notes,Continue reading “10 Apple accessibility solutions everyone should know”

Tips For Conducting Usability Studies With Participants With Disabilities

Over the last few years, I ran several usability studies with participants with various disabilities. I thought it would help others if I shared some of my experiences. In this article, I provide lessons learned or tips to consider in planning and executing usability testing with participants with disabilities. The lessons learned are divided intoContinue reading “Tips For Conducting Usability Studies With Participants With Disabilities”

Google disability support team

Google Accessibility (@googleaccess) 30/1/18, 8:33 am (1/2) We’re pleased to announce the launch of our first dedicated Google disability support team! Agents are available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm PST through email and only in English language. Contact the team at Curated by Lifekludger. Via Twitter

What Does Inclusive Design Mean?

Why is accessibilty seen as an after-thought, or at worst an expense to help a handful of disadvantaged people? Have you ever tried using a website or app on your smartphone whilst riding a bus when the sun is streaming through the window? You probably have. How did that work out for you? … …theContinue reading “What Does Inclusive Design Mean?”

Accessibility | Improvements to the next udpate are already planned

In both the Windows Anniversary and Creators Update, Microsoft has added many new enhancements to features across the operating system to improve accessibility for its customers who have low vision, are blind, have a partial hearing loss or deafness in either or both ears, live with physical disabilities, or need assistance reading text on theirContinue reading “Accessibility | Improvements to the next udpate are already planned”

Microsoft Hosts Its First Accessibility Summit to Better Tech Access For Disabled

Microsoft India today hosted its first-ever Accessibility Summit in the country to enhance technology access for people with disabilities. The summit aimed at demonstrating the business value of accessible technology for organizations, the need for a collaborative effort as well as assessing policy’s role in creating an accessible India.Through a series of constructive sessions, theContinue reading “Microsoft Hosts Its First Accessibility Summit to Better Tech Access For Disabled”