UI Options 

UI OptionsObjectiveEasily add UI Options to your website. Add a simple separated-panel preferences editor to any page.DescriptionUI Options adds a simple preferences editor dialog with a set of six panels in a collapsible panel at the top of the page, accessible through a button in the upper right corner of the page. Curated by (Lifekludger)Continue reading “UI Options “

Prototyping accessibility in web and mobile UI design

Adaptable, interactive and coherent prototypes for users with disabilities. Covering accessibility in the prototyping phase of web and app design. Pay close attention to color, contrast and visual hierarchy … Make your interactive UI elements more interactive … Don’t crowd me! … Make your app accessible by being adaptable … “Flexibility is the key to ensuringContinue reading “Prototyping accessibility in web and mobile UI design”

7 Accessibility Sins I’m Tired of Pointing Out to UI/UX Designers

Dear UI/UX designer, I’m tired of seeing these mistakes over and over again coming out from UI/UX designers I’ve worked with. Some are exceptionally talented, producing beautiful web or app designs… Curated by (Lifekludger) Read full article at Source: 7 Accessibility Sins I’m Tired of Pointing Out to UI/UX Designers | μεταcole

4 tips on typography in UI design – InVision Blog

by Chris Bowleron April 6, 2015 Communication plays a vital role in design. Whether you design websites, mobile apps, or wearable UIs, your creations have to clearly communicate their intent and purpose. And since text does a lot of the heavy lifting in communicating purpose, you need a solid understanding of typography. Of course, designingContinue reading “4 tips on typography in UI design – InVision Blog”

Windows 8 & Metro Accessibility

  Great article outlining Windows 8 & Metro Accessibility: “Our accessibility goals in Windows 8 are to: Improve the assistive technologies that are components of Windows, and provide a good experience with the Metro style UI. Provide developer tools that have baseline accessibility built in, so that accessible Metro style apps are available in the Store.Continue reading “Windows 8 & Metro Accessibility”

Voice Activated iPod Controller

I once had one of these ‘fat nano’ ipods. Had to sell it as I couldn’t use it due to the touch nature of the ipod control wheel. Now if I’d had one of these devices that controls the basic functions of the ipod by voice I would’ve been set. [Voice Activated iPod Controller] viaContinue reading “Voice Activated iPod Controller”

Will Apple’s 10-inch touchscreens still need skin?

Reuters reported last month on Apple ordering larger touch screens: Taiwan touchscreen specialist Wintek already makes small screens for Apple iPhones, and has received orders for the larger ones that are roughly the same size as those used in mini PCs – [http://www.wintek.com.tw/] I bet you’ll still need skin! Source [Apple orders 10-inch touchscreens forContinue reading “Will Apple’s 10-inch touchscreens still need skin?”

Tongue Control

clipped from gtresearchnews.gatech.edu For Immediate Release June 30, 2008 A new assistive technology developed by engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology could help individuals with severe disabilities lead more independent lives. The novel system allows individuals with disabilities to operate a computer, control a powered wheelchair and interact with their environments simply by movingContinue reading “Tongue Control”