DIY Touchscreen Stylus using Conductive foam

Finally, a Stylus kludge that actually looks workable as it can be made different lengths and is cheap and easy. Now, I just need to get hold of some of that conductive foam so I can get someone to make me up a mouthstick version. If anyone has some foam you can post to me,Continue reading “DIY Touchscreen Stylus using Conductive foam”

Pressure Sensitive Multitouch pads to come

An article in Technology Review reveals development of pressure sensitive touch pads that could be used on future generation devices. Why is this Lifekludger newsworthy? Because the pads are reported to combine features of both kinds of existing touch pads. To me, this might mean some breaking down of the Touch Barrier and the seemingContinue reading “Pressure Sensitive Multitouch pads to come”

Will Apple’s 10-inch touchscreens still need skin?

Reuters reported last month on Apple ordering larger touch screens: Taiwan touchscreen specialist Wintek already makes small screens for Apple iPhones, and has received orders for the larger ones that are roughly the same size as those used in mini PCs – [] I bet you’ll still need skin! Source [Apple orders 10-inch touchscreens forContinue reading “Will Apple’s 10-inch touchscreens still need skin?”