UI Options 

UI OptionsObjectiveEasily add UI Options to your website. Add a simple separated-panel preferences editor to any page.DescriptionUI Options adds a simple preferences editor dialog with a set of six panels in a collapsible panel at the top of the page, accessible through a button in the upper right corner of the page. Curated by (Lifekludger)Continue reading “UI Options “

Writing CSS with Accessibility in Mind

An introduction to web accessibility. Tips on how to improve the accessibility of your web sites and apps with CSS. … a lot of things have changed and CSS now gives us an incredible set of tools to style the web. We went from Verdana to Webfonts, from fixed widths to Responsive Web Design, from table-based layouts to Grid, andContinue reading “Writing CSS with Accessibility in Mind”

Web Accessibility Checklist

A beginner’s guide to web accessibility Landmarks ARIA Landmark Roles are helpful landmarks that can be used by AT to navigate a website. Note: When you validate html using landmark roles, you’ll receive a warning stating these roles are redundant. In HTML5, several of the landmark roles are implicit via the native structural element whichContinue reading “Web Accessibility Checklist”

The art of labelling — A11ycasts #12

There’s a lot of neat tricks in this video by Rob Dodson where he focuses on accessibility tricks in Chrome’s DevTools. A few notes: Chrome DevTools has an experimental feature to help with accessibility testing that you can unlock if you head to chrome://flags/ and turn on in the DevTools settings. Wrapping an <input type=”checkbox”>Continue reading “The art of labelling — A11ycasts #12”

Designer’s Guide to the Basics of Web Accessibility Design – Hongkiat

In this post, I’ll cover the basics of accessibility design, what it is, what it aims to solve, and steps you can take to get started. Note, this is an incredibly detailed subject, and it will take months or years of practice to fully understand. But the benefits are worth the effort, and all ofContinue reading “Designer’s Guide to the Basics of Web Accessibility Design – Hongkiat”