‘Chat gadget’ to help deaf people with speak-to-text conversation device

… Jari Hazelebach created his SpeakSee system of colour-coded microphones to look like sleek iPhone accessories, which clip onto clothing and transcribe words via wifi into text on a tablet or smartphone screen via an app. … The first hard-of-hearing Londoner to try the £300 device said it could help make business meetings and conversationsContinue reading “‘Chat gadget’ to help deaf people with speak-to-text conversation device”

Apple’s 2015 Accessibility Rebound | The New Hofstader.com

A long but excellent  ‘insider’ read. The most interesting thing in this story is not that Apple is the clear leader in out-of-the-box accessibility, they have held that position for a bunch of years now. The real story, as I suggest in the Introduction section of this piece is that Apple is the only largeContinue reading “Apple’s 2015 Accessibility Rebound | The New Hofstader.com”

The Social Internet as Social Assistive Device

The social web offers a means of engagement that trascends the technology and transforms lives. Strangely or not, I tend not to see myself as disabled. Maybe that’s why I tend to focus on sharing more about what I’m doing than who I am or what I think about disability specific things – whatever thoseContinue reading “The Social Internet as Social Assistive Device”