Talk to Support Agency workers

A few weeks back I gave a talk to some of the support worker coordinators. I spoke a bit about my background, may accident and rehab and my thoughts on it all, about where I see the sector is changing and where it needs to position itself for the change, This is the slidedeck IContinue reading “Talk to Support Agency workers”

My response to yet another survey – Is your train station accessible? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

So.. ABC are running a survey on accessible train stations. If you’re a wheelchair user or care for someone in one, maybe you’re a parent using a pram or you just have trouble with stairs, take our survey and tell us your experience using your local train network. Source: Is your train station accessible? WeContinue reading “My response to yet another survey – Is your train station accessible? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)”

Affinity, Humanity and Disability.

The other day whilst reading a feed somewhere in my hundreds, I came across a link to a video .. this video in fact : I instantly felt a recognition and affinity and especially wth the subtleties in the kaos (yes, oh yes, there’s subtleties), so much so it sent me hunting for more. IContinue reading “Affinity, Humanity and Disability.”

The Social Internet as Social Assistive Device

The social web offers a means of engagement that trascends the technology and transforms lives. Strangely or not, I tend not to see myself as disabled. Maybe that’s why I tend to focus on sharing more about what I’m doing than who I am or what I think about disability specific things – whatever thoseContinue reading “The Social Internet as Social Assistive Device”

Report in – Disabled people often poor [sic]

This startling news just in from the ‘no shit, sherlock’ Department. Disabled people often poor Thursday, 02 April 2009 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Economic hardship can be both a cause and a result of disability, according to the study. Image: iStockphoto There is a strong correlation between socioeconomic status and severe disability inContinue reading “Report in – Disabled people often poor [sic]”

Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities

I was awake at 3.30am to take part in the Second Life talk that’s part of this forum: (why do I do these things…) Using Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities This two-part, interactive event will take place in two locations online: First, the live discussion in the virtual world of SecondContinue reading “Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities”

David Weinberger’s boat and archaic language

While I wait for my copy of “Everything is Miscellaneous“ to wend its way across the oceans to Australia; after ordering it via Amazon, as the local book stores tell me it’s not released here in Australia yet (cough); I while away my miscellaneous time reading about the book in Mr Weinberger’s blog. While deeplyContinue reading “David Weinberger’s boat and archaic language”