art, religion, dreams and the nature of reality

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the gap between the finite and comprehensible and the infinite and incomprehensible

A… it’s like we live in the finite and comprehensible but we’re surrounded by the infinite and incomprehensible and there has to be a border between those of something like a mediating border that’s poetry and art that’s narrative that’s religion and it’s that it’s that strange metaphorical reality let’s say that’s not factual and it’s not comprehensible but that’s not infinitely incomprehensible either it’s a bridge between the two so and as you move closer to the infinite and incomprehensible across that bridge you get farther and farther away from what you understand right but how could it be otherwise given that you’re finite you are a finite being surrounded by infinite what’s infinite and incomprehensible …

Q… and that was his critique of the strict rationalist that they can’t that it’s hard for them to make this – that’s what poets come in and that’s …

A… exactly this is I learned a lot of this from Jung because Jung’s idea was that rationality is embedded in a dream like there’s the infinite unknowable and then there’s the dream and then inside the dream is the rational domain and I believe that to be the case why else would we dream we have to dream if we don’t dream we we go insane it doesn’t take very long and so there’s there’s an element of poetic conceptualization that grounds us and it has to be taken seriously you know them the rational critics of Dreams think about them as random neural activity it’s like there’s nothing random… when you look at a TV screen that’s not on a channel that’s random when you dream something complex and sophisticated that’s not random so yeah so the metaphor surrounds us let’s say and we can critique it rationally and we can undermine it but there’s real danger in that so …

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