Mount your phone on your Laptop screen with Mountie

When in bed I use my phone almost entirely by voice, not being able to have a specific stick for touch in addition to my mouthstick as well as reaching being an issue.

This works reasonably well and gets me through the night. However I’ve been looking for away to mount and hold the phone where I could see it. I’ve been looking for a bendable arm that clips on, not suctions, that isn’t too long.


The other day I came across an interesting alternative I thought might be a workable solution on MobileZap called the Mountie, by TenOne design.

It’s interesting as I think TenOne was one of the very first off-the-shelf stylus for touch screens I used as a mouthstick for my device many years ago.

The folks there at MobileZap sent me a Mountie for review and I’ve been using it for a week.

The Mountie is a small plastc clip that clips one side to your laptop screen and then the other side to your phone or mobile device. It comes with a few rubber blocks in different thicknesses to adapt to your screen thickness. I have a rubberised cover on my phone which makes it quite a bit thicker and the clip easily caters for that.

I clipped it to my laptop screen where it stays and each night a carer clips the phone in the side.

mountie on screen from front

It offers uninterrupted view of my phone and I really like how it’s very compact.

Ten One Design Mountie Universal Laptop Clip

2 thoughts on “Mount your phone on your Laptop screen with Mountie

  1. Hi, how do you control your phone solely by voice? Do Siri and like programs enable you to control all available funchions? Sorry if it’s a dumb question! Thanks.

    1. Hi John,

      When I talk about “When in bed I use my phone almost entirely by voice” I’m meaning a limited set of functions all using Siri.

      I can make calls using Siri and by setting my phone right I can have incoming calls auto-answered – Settings > General > Accessibility > Call Audio Routing > Auto-Answer calls. If you set Speaker, incoming calls will pickup to speaker by themselves.

      The downside is that you can’t hangup calls by voice. Also it’s a pain to turn this on/off. Which could be overcome soon by iOS v12 – which supposedly has ability to make macro type actions and assign them voice commands. If that works I can make a utility to turn auto-answer on/off by voice! Will wait and see.

      Of course I can do all other Siri related ommands as is, such as making appointments, checking schedule, checking weather, time etc – enough that I need while in bed.

      I hope that answers your question. Feel feel to respond if you have anything further.



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