Mount your phone on your Laptop screen with Mountie

When in bed I use my phone almost entirely by voice, not being able to have a specific stick for touch in addition to my mouthstick as well as reaching being an issue. This works reasonably well and gets me through the night. However I’ve been looking for away to mount and hold the phoneContinue reading “Mount your phone on your Laptop screen with Mountie”

Moto G 2015 accessibility options – Android Central

Moto G 2015 accessibility options Android Central Android phones have come a long way in the accessibility department, and the Moto G 2015 is no exception. Using the features and tools Google has provided for Android Lollipop, the Moto G 2015 has plenty of options for those with trouble seeing or … (curated by Lifekludger)Continue reading “Moto G 2015 accessibility options – Android Central”

Pressy – a smartphone task button

The Pressy is a tiny, simple button that you plug into the headphone jack of your phone that allows you to easily access a regular task. It uses an app that lets you setup the presses it takes to perform certain functions. Clicks are similar to Morse Code and are comprised of long and shortContinue reading “Pressy – a smartphone task button”

Ribbit wireless handset, speaker and dock for mobile phone

The Ribbit is a wireless handset, speaker and charging dock for your mobile devices. Use the classic receiver to make calls while your smartphone or tablet is charging. The Ribbit has volume control and a noise reduction system to ensure crisp, polished sound. A rechargeable battery provides around 6 hours of continuous talk and 35Continue reading “Ribbit wireless handset, speaker and dock for mobile phone”

Captioning Telephone

This  Captioning Telephone allows you to “see” the phone calls you cannot hear. It comes with a large display screen and has free voice-to-caption service to produce the text for the captions. No special equipment is required to make it work*, though a high speed Internet connection is required. One good feature is the ability to save captionsContinue reading “Captioning Telephone”

Just5 Simple features Mobile Phone

Just5 Mobile phones take the less is more approach with a phone ideally aimed at older persons and those with a disability with a phone that boasts 5 simple features: 1. Big Buttons : These big buttons really do make a difference. Easy to dial even without putting on glasses. 2. Ease of Operation :Continue reading “Just5 Simple features Mobile Phone”

RFID controlled phone dialing

More and more uses are surfacing for RFID chips and I can foresee many practical applications for alternative access to a myriad of life related activities. Hackaday reports on a phone prototype which uses RFID tags to dial. It is common for our motor skills and eyesight to deteriorate as we get older. There areContinue reading “RFID controlled phone dialing”

Puff – Blow Concept for phone interaction.

Interesting idea. A first-thought is in the future this would be a way around the ‘voice-command’ dialing barrier that exists with most devices currently, where you’re expected to push a button then talk. A “puff-talk” action would work as a ‘complete’ hands free dialing alternative. [Pantech IM-] via ubergizmo

Phone designed for the Blind shows importance of feedback

SENS concept phone. by Japanese designer, Takumi Yoshida I’ve written previously about the importance of the correct type of feedback for input, especially when one or more of your senses fail you. This SENS phone uses a combination of tactile sensors and audio feedback to the user. When a person key is pressed the phoneContinue reading “Phone designed for the Blind shows importance of feedback”