Functions to Add ARIA to Tables and Lists

Generally when I write and present things, I provide techniques, ideas, examples, and experience to address issues. When I write copy-paste-ready code, with a few older exceptions, I write generic code not tied to a framework nor library.

… I have, however, written a couple vanilla JavaScript functions that you can drop into your site. They might benefit from some optimizations, and how you call the functions is up to you (and your chosen platform).

I also chose to address only the two most common cases that I see of browsers breaking semantics due to CSS — tables and lists. As I note elsewhere, the ARIA you add will not save you from display: contents.

If / when the browsers ever fix their bugs, then you should purge these functions from your projects. So, you know, put that it in your backlog I guess.

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Read full article at Source: Functions to Add ARIA to Tables and Lists | Adrian Roselli

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