Snapvoice – Photos With Audio Recordings

SnapVoice screen
Using Snapvoice you can add an audio recording of up to 90 seconds to a single image.

I came across SnapVoice and it reminded me of an earlier post on a similar app, VoicePic, and some thoughts I had in that post around Mechanical Turk.

I think this would be an excellent way to share images with the Blind or those with poor vision – adding an audio description of the image being shared.

SnapVoice also has some photo filters and effects and features gestures.

You can take a photo or load one from the camera roll, edit it’s look and then add your voice to the image by tap and holding the onscreen button.

The recordings and photos can be shared over the app’s own network as well as on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Download Snapvoice For iOS – (Free)


via AddictiveTips

2 thoughts on “Snapvoice – Photos With Audio Recordings

  1. There seem to be a few of these coming out.

    I posted on yesterday on Twitter called Digisocial – capture the beauty of Life with voice and photos, together. It’s available for free on the iTunes app store.

    There is also Twitter’s new Vine, which is a little bit different – 6 second looping videos.

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