Accessibility vs emojis. At an emojis best, they can add fun and… | UX Collective

Emojis can be read aloud to users with the power of screen readers. If emojis are used right, they can still convey all of the emotion and context intended, despite not being visible. Before we can determine how to best use emojis, let’s figure out what emojis “look” like to screen readers. Accessibility vs emojis.Continue reading “Accessibility vs emojis. At an emojis best, they can add fun and… | UX Collective”

Reprogrammable braille could shrink books to a few pages

                      Harvard’s concept for reprogrammable braille Braille displays have made the digital world more accessible to those with vision issues, but readers who prefer the portability of a book haven’t had that upgrade. Even a typical book might require over a dozen volumes of braille paper,Continue reading “Reprogrammable braille could shrink books to a few pages”

Microsoft Hololens AR used to help blind people navigate

Headset maps the environment and directs wearers with spatially-accurate audio commands  Researchers have discovered how the Microsoft HoloLens can be used to help blind people navigate their way through complex buildings. The augmented reality headset’s primary use is to supplement what a sighted wearer can already see with a virtual interface, adding digital objects to real walls in aContinue reading “Microsoft Hololens AR used to help blind people navigate”

Pinterest Just Redesigned Its App For Blind People

… Pinterest, like all mainstream apps, has a contingent of blind users (though the company admits to not tracking them). Many use Pinterest simply to bookmark stories on the web they’d like to read later. And those who don’t use the service might like to, if they were better welcomed. “We asked one user, wouldContinue reading “Pinterest Just Redesigned Its App For Blind People”

Ford’s ‘Feel The View’ prototype aims to help visually impaired people ‘see’ outside cars

… Developed in collaboration with visual impairment specialist Aedo and GTB Roma in Italy, Feel The View is a unique device that uses a range of hardware to relay vibrations on a car’s windows. These vibrations effectively relay Braille-like feedback of the scenery outside the car, hence enabling the visually challenged individuals to ‘see’. ThisContinue reading “Ford’s ‘Feel The View’ prototype aims to help visually impaired people ‘see’ outside cars”

Typeface elegantly combines Braille and English characters

Braille Neue is a dual typeface designed by Kosuke Takahashi that overlays Braille and English into one simple font. For sighted people who do not currently know Braille, it’s also a great mnemonic for learning Braille characters. Takahashi lays out his design philosophy:   Currently, we rarely see braille implemented in the public space sinceContinue reading “Typeface elegantly combines Braille and English characters”

Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad 

After working with a user group of visually impaired on earlier version’s of braille keyboards, it was highlighted that there is no comprehensive way of typing into a smartphone. Current software solutions are too slow, do not give good tactile feedback or just are a pain to type with. Even though there are many softContinue reading “Tipo : Braille Smartphone Keypad “

Text Splitting Causes Screen Reader Problems – Axess Lab

I am a screen reader user, and I am annoyed! I repeatedly encounter the same problem on websites. It’s about text splitting up. Let me share my agony with you! … The solution: role=”text” We had a similar problem on our site with headings, but the solution I used will work for links as well.Continue reading “Text Splitting Causes Screen Reader Problems – Axess Lab”

Colorblind-friendly ‘Uno’ cards

In the game of Uno, knowing the color of a card is just as important as knowing its number, which means some colorblind players can be at a serious disadvantage. But now Mattel is fixing that — the company just announced a new accessible version of Uno, made with ColorADD cards. For the new version of the classic card game,Continue reading “Colorblind-friendly ‘Uno’ cards”

Microsoft app that tells the visually impaired what’s in front of them

This free app is helping the visually impaired  Thursday, 13 Jul 2017 | 8:39 AM ET | 01:36 Microsoft is putting its artificial intelligence technology to work to help the visually impaired. The company said on Wednesday that it’s releasing an iOS app called Seeing AI that uses an iPhone’s camera to tell people about objects in frontContinue reading “Microsoft app that tells the visually impaired what’s in front of them”