Clutch Pencil adapted as Touch Screen Stylus

clutch stylus.png

Over on his Artworks blog Crabfu has this excellent how-to video on making a touch screen capable stylus from a clutch pencil and conductive foam.

This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen, using a readily available item in the clutch pencil. My thoughts in using it with your mouth are that if you get the right type of clucth pencil it should have a metal push mechanism so contact can be made with the tongue at the top and conducting down to the tip.

As for a more readily everyday available source for conductive foam there’s possibly a golden bit of information in the comments on Crabfu’s post.

“Anonymous said…
Try Scotch Brite sponges – both yellow and blue versions work.”

Try Scotch Brite sponges - both yellow and blue versions work. Separate from the scrubby layer and save that to do dishes!

So remember to look at the comments!

Now for that video:

In addition to a longer mouth stick for desk work, I personally will need something pen length to use while away from desk and with phone on a lanyard around my neck if I’m ever to make the jump to capacitive touch screen phones.

3 thoughts on “Clutch Pencil adapted as Touch Screen Stylus

  1. This is a wet system.. Not really practical if you plan to do this on the bus/train or anywhere you might not have access to a cup of water that you can dab your “pen” in..
    Technically you could lick the end just about anything, and use that. Sorry.. I don’t want to rain on your efforts, but this is like the 5th I’ve hit that give the wet solution.

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