Clutch Pencil adapted as Touch Screen Stylus

Over on his Artworks blog Crabfu has this excellent how-to video on making a touch screen capable stylus from a clutch pencil and conductive foam. This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen, using a readily available item in the clutch pencil. My thoughts in using it with your mouth are that if youContinue reading “Clutch Pencil adapted as Touch Screen Stylus”

DIY Touchscreen Stylus using Conductive foam

Finally, a Stylus kludge that actually looks workable as it can be made different lengths and is cheap and easy. Now, I just need to get hold of some of that conductive foam so I can get someone to make me up a mouthstick version. If anyone has some foam you can post to me,Continue reading “DIY Touchscreen Stylus using Conductive foam”