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When the Review of the National Innovation System was released last month we thought it was worth talking about on our podcast. So Myself, Mike and Laurel hooked up, to be joined during the show by Kristin.

I had created a aggregated feed around the topic using Yahoo Pipes and pimped it on Twitter and through our blogs. During the podcast we talked about the desire to extend the conversation around the Review. Right there and then we found the domain was available and Laurel snapped it up for us to do something on.

A big focused was on the report being released initially locked down in PDF format. We tossed around the idea of setting up a site and posting each part of the Review in it. Since then it’s now been unlocked and released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Which is good to see.

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I tossed around ideas of how to make better use of the aggregated pipe feed at the new domain. I contemplated turning every feed article into a blog post at the site, but in a sense that would just be centralising the debate. So I hit on the idea to parse the pipe through something that simpified the pipes layout, bought it under the domain and added ability to promote sharing. A kludged Simplepie implementation was what I stumbled on.

See the results at


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