iTunes menu makes no sense – Is Apple paying attention?

Okay. That’s it. I’ve had enough of seeing this message in iTunes that makes no sense every time I’m in my Podcasts area. It seems a couple versions ago someone decided at Apple that we never actually listen to audio podcasts anymore. No folks, that’s just not allowed. How uncouth. Don’t you know that sinceContinue reading “iTunes menu makes no sense – Is Apple paying attention?”

Preserving Digital Identity in my Will

I made a decision yesterday while travelling home – I’m going to make allowance in my will towards the ongoing existence of my digital identity. Now, don’t panic, I’m not ill and don’t intend on dying anytime soon. But it will happen. And it so happens that with recent changes in living arrangements I’ve beenContinue reading “Preserving Digital Identity in my Will”

Sync findings with Mac, WindowsMobile & Google

So, after losing my job and access to a Exchange box I set about finding a way instead to sync my WindowsMobile PDA (hereafter referred to as PDA) with my Mac. I visited a few online ‘gobetween’ sites and soon found a minefield of caveats. – looks very promising but only does contacts. ItContinue reading “Sync findings with Mac, WindowsMobile & Google”

Hive Mind

HiveMind [] Interesting what vanity searches turn up sometimes. Often lead you to services and sites either never seen or long forgotten. A link to me turned up in my email this morning pointing to the Flickr search tool over at HiveMind []. It does really fast searches on tags, interestingness, user, contacts and allowsContinue reading “Hive Mind” is go

When the Review of the National Innovation System was released last month we thought it was worth talking about on our podcast. So Myself, Mike and Laurel hooked up, to be joined during the show by Kristin. I had created a aggregated feed around the topic using Yahoo Pipes and pimped it on Twitter andContinue reading “ is go”

Dave the Lifekludger gets a mention by Mark Pesce on New Inventors

Over a month back on my Lifekludger blog I mentioned in a blog post titled “Mind control interface a near reality” the Epoc Headset, being developed by Emotiv. The other day on the New Inventors on the ABC here in Australia my friend Mark Pesce gives a shoutoput to me. Ref 1min in. See theContinue reading “Dave the Lifekludger gets a mention by Mark Pesce on New Inventors”

Welcome to Australia Beth

Was tracking Beth Kanter‘s journey via Skype, Twitter Qik on her way to ConnectingUp 2008 Conference in Brisbane. Followed a Twitter on Sat afternoon that she was streaming live on Qik – unfortunately she quickly experienced the bottleneck that exists to any serious entry of Australia participating the Information Economy – our network access. ClickContinue reading “Welcome to Australia Beth”