Lifekludger on TV – No Limits

A while ago I was approached to appear on the TV show “No Limits”. The show is produced out of Melbourne and screens on Channel 31 on Mondays at 7.30pm.

Here’s how they describe the show:

No Limits is a project of Disability Media Inc. We believe in the power of the media to change ideas and will use this power to improve the lives of people with disabilities by eliminating the ignorance and prejudice that limits opportunities.

As traveling to Melbourne just for this segment would’ve been out of the question due to cost, I did this with Erin, the show’s producer, over Skype. I don’t get to see Channel 31 here so she kindly sent me a copy of the show on DVD which I’ve had permission to cut and show my segment here. I’d really like to get some of the show’s content freed onto these here inter-tubes – there’s some powerful stories that are too valuable to be locked up.

Check the show out if you can get C31 and check out their sites below.

No Limits
Grit Media

6 thoughts on “Lifekludger on TV – No Limits

  1. brilliant =)
    would be great to get more c31 action over here
    ive contacted them before about community computing stuff but
    wasn’t sure how to get something happening.
    great stuff

  2. Awesome Dave! A really beautiful interview, with some amazing quotes.

    You should enter our comp mate, I think you’d easily fill 90 seconds of film!

    Hope you’re well. I tried to get onto SL to come and visit, but my bleeding computer won’t let me anywhere near it. Fingers crossed for an upgrade before Christmas. I also hope you got your land troubles sorted….


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