Second Life and The Podcast Network HQ

tpn-dave_002_polaroidSome of you may have been wondering why I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late.I’ve been flat out in Second Life (SL) helping get a base for The Podcast Network up and established.

It’s been a heady couple weeks which started innocently enough with Cameron Reilly asking me about getting a little place in SL that TPN supporters could meet up. I found a good priced parcel that within a few days proved too small. I think the first time Cam dragged a building across the ground got him hooked and from there I’ve been running after him since. We then found an island cheap and started setting that up. Soon however Cam’s love of geodesic domes had us hitting the limits of our island and so we had to scale back our aspirations and adjust to what was possible with where we currently are at.

Having a presence for people to connect on SL has been great. Many who drop by are sharing and helping each other in all sorts of areas, both in and off world as well as socialising. Certainly I’ve connected with a lot of the TPN followers and using voice has helped in strengthening that connection. Twitter as a way of notifying that there’s actually people in SL has helped and Duncan Riley has written on TechCrunch about this aspect.

I’ve been pleased that there has been a strong Australian contingent in those visiting which has made quite a difference in my experience seeing how SL population online seems to fluctuate to the West Coast US time zone. However there have been visitors from listeners around the world. too.

I find it interesting that community is actually being lived out in many places and aided by the myriad of online services each adding their particular specialty to the mix. So people connected on blogs or flickr or twiter or skype also connect on SL, sometimes even on many at one (like Twitter from within SL).

Just like communities, friends don’t have to live in silos.

Break out – Join in!


TechCrunch : Twitter + Second Life =Spontaneous Web Meetspace

SLURL : The Podcast Network HQ in SL

Nick Hodge blog : @dnwallace, SecondLife Engineer

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