Kent swivels

Here’s my submission of blogs for Kent’s Swivel feeds experiment.

jp rangaswami – confused of calcutta –
jp is a kind of information hero of mine. something about how he sees things just clicks with me in totally perpendicular ways. he’s the cio of bt global services.

nick hodge – mungenet –
Uncle Nick is a Munge Brother of Mike‘s (and more recently mine). He’s a smart cookie, all round good guy and professional geek at Microsoft…says so on his business card. likes subverting hierarchies (come to think of it, that seems a Munge trait).

hugo ortega – ubertablet blog –
hugo is a tablet freak but more than that he’s a great guy. he’s also the first and rare person who actually lends me gear to test drive and review on lifekludger. and he was the very first guest on the very first show of our podcast for a reason totally not tech related and for which you’ll have to listen to find out.

beth kanter – beth’s blog –
beth is a one woman non profit technology blog phenomenon who loves Cambodian kids. read her, learn from her, support her, hire her!

father bob – father bob maguire –
father bob is a often cantankerous, often quipping, 70-something catholic priest with a heart bigger than kent’s home state, gold as the sun and spot on with care attitude – turned new media denizen. bob appears anywhere he can get his message of helping the poor out including an abc radio show, tv, and a podcast on tpn. even if you don’t subscribe, put a tip in his foundation’s paypal account. a buck a week is good.

So there you have it. My reads for Kent’s swivel feed experiment. An eclectic mix. Hope you enjoy something from there.


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