Audio of Linda Stone’s Supernova Address

Listened to this on way to work in car this morning. It’s the audio containing the address Linda Stone gave at the Conference – the notes of which I referred to in my previous blog post “You can’t stop the signal

A few key points missed in notes I want to highlight:

  • Multi-tasking was a superfunctional adapted behaviour.
  • Continuous partial attention is a post multi-tasking adaptive behaviour.
  • Productivity and getting things done used to make us feel alive, now being connected is what makes us feel alive.
  • Aphrodisiac of past decades (C3) – Technology, New afrodisiac (for C4) – Commited Attention, Intention and Focus

Question left to discover is what will be the ‘adaptive behaviour‘ that will emerge to fulfill our desire of ‘being connected‘? Will it be, as I touched on in my previous post, this concept of ‘openness‘?

Full audio found here. Linda’s address was start of this panel discussion.

IT Conversations: Your Attention Please – Supernova 2005

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