Think accessibility to future-proof your home

Universal design is another way to look at how the features in your home add comfort and convenience not only for today, and also into the future as well. Its design is useful and marketable to people with diverse or changing abilities. This approach ensures reach, manipulation and use regardless of the user’s body, size or mobility.

This type of home is designed with products and environments to accommodate all people – to the greatestextent possible – without the need for adaptation or specialized design. And the perfect way to incorporate these design features into your life is through the building of a new home.When a home is designed in such a manner, it thoughtfully takes into consideration design ideas that benefit everyone in the home at different ages and stages of life – which is why it is considered to be universal design.

Sometimes this can be misunderstood as design that accommodates disabilities. Though this is taken into consideration, it is really about achieving accessibility.

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