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One thing you should know about color-blind people, is that while most of them see blue they can’t distinguish green from red. So, having a blue logo is fine, while having a red or green logo is bad, because these colors are really different for color-blind people and they might be used by your partners or clients in a context that you don’t control.

Here you see that blue is not easily confused. This is the reason why hyperlinks are blue. I’ve also read a rumor stating that it is the reason Mark Zuckerberg plumped on blue for the dominant color in Facebook’s design because of his color blindness.

Now you understand why so many logos are blue-ish.3 Pro tips to enhance your designs for color-blind peopleUse tools to help youIf you ever want to design something for color-blind people, you should know that there is few software out there to simulate that on your own computer. Personally I used ColorOracle to get a quick feeling about my layouts. However, I discovered later that the option is available in Photoshop (under ‘view’ > ‘proof setup’ > ‘color blindness’). This allows professional designers to quickly check their work.

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