Comprehensive Stylus Reviews

There’s been some large comprehensive reviews and comparisons of Styluses on offer for the myriad of capacitive type touch devices that now surround us. A stylus is of particular interest to me as I don’t use my fingers.

One thing I find with these “Best of” or even the “comparative” type reviews is they are so subjective. Macworld come the closest in this lot to an objective, information rich line-up however the only thing missing is one of the most important (for me at least, he says, subjectively) – Length! How long are they?

Here’s a roundup of a few articles from recent times.


Macworld has reviewed almost every stylus available and has put together a round-up of each review organized by category of stylus.

Cult of Mac
Cult of Mac point out what they consider the best stylus for 9 different categories of use.
The Verve
The Verve have a 2 part review that’s particularly aimed at the iPad, though is very relevant for any touch device. They include nice video reviews as well.
see also Lifekludger on Pinterest

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