Came across this neat site that creates a graphical representation of a website. WebsitesAsGraphs is what it’s called.

I pointed it at a few sites, including this one, lifekludger, TPN and our Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show site and came up with these you can see on this Flicker page.

It occured to me that, as a blog is like a garden, that these are almost ‘blogflowers‘.

[A ‘blogflower’ of this blog]

4 thoughts on “BlogFlowers

  1. Hey Dave, that is really cute. You should check out the plumbdesign website, they have a thesaurus that looks just like your bloggardden, but it is interactive – you can drag parts of the ‘flower’ around and the whole thing turns in 3d space. One of my fave sites, here it is: make sure you switch from 2d to 3d to see what I am talking about. Andy.

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