wA11y – The Web Accessibility Toolbox WordPress Plugin

Boost your WordPress accessibility! The Web Accessibility Toolbox contains tools to spot deficits in accessibility and suggestions on how to better it. … Recently released, the wA11y plugin consists of tools to check and correct your WordPress site’s accessibility. (The name is derived from a11y, the shorthand way of writing accessibility, with “w” representing Web.)   TheContinue reading “wA11y – The Web Accessibility Toolbox WordPress Plugin”

Simple Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Accessible

Web site accessibility has been a lingering issue on the Internet for quite some time. However, with several laws in the US pushing website accessibility as a primary feature in public and private web entities, it has affected the Internet on a wider scale. Accessibility has been proven to be beneficial to websites, public orContinue reading “Simple Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Accessible”

WordPress Accessibility Team Seeks Testers Using Speech Recognition Technology

Rian Rietveld and the Accessibility team are working to improve the experience of using WordPress with speech recognition software, such asDragon Naturally Speaking (widely considered as one of the best for desktop use.) In particular, the task of adding media to a post has a number of obstacles that make it nearly impossible for thoseContinue reading “WordPress Accessibility Team Seeks Testers Using Speech Recognition Technology”

How to Implement Web Accessibility Guidelines in WordPress

… WordPress Tools for Web Accessibility While the above info is enough to build an accessible website manually, there is no need to do so, thanks to a number of available tools that we will go over now. WordPress Themes First of all, a growing number of certified-accessible WordPress themes enable us to address thisContinue reading “How to Implement Web Accessibility Guidelines in WordPress”