Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

Nice veggies @ (@ Modka Cafe) # The guy at 4:34 reminds me of how @fang would do it! : Gotye – Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra – YouTube # 64 DDA complaints in 17mnths. Where the bloody hell am I? via @ABCRampUp #disability FFS get your act together CityRail # 64 DDAContinue reading “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

This is now! – Instant Instragram. Wow. # @kirkib This is Tokyo now # @KirkiB real time instagram in reply to KirkiB # Getting go juice … (@ BP Bolivar) # Grrr traffic holdups # My week on twitter: 1 retweets received, 5 new followers, 3 mentions. Via: # Powered byContinue reading “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

Wow… That was a close shave #normangunstonlookalike # Fuel filler cap carked it… new one ordered from Melbourne (@ BP Bolivar) # Stop earning a living. A #fullerism … this isn't happiness™ (Buckminster Fuller), Peteski # @ptw312 I said Melbourne not the boondocks hehe Will catchup on the blower tnite mate inContinue reading “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

My week on twitter: 1 new followers. Via: # Back in the orifice again… # Trying out replacing all my automation using IFTTT now Facebook doesn't import my rss pipe feed anymore… # @Vintuitive Oo.. no I'll give it a look. You tried IFTTT? in reply to Vintuitive # @myen #fplk RT @TechCrunch:Continue reading “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

My week on twitter: 2 mentions. Via: # "from the shareholder capitalism of last century to stakeholder capitalism" – Impact Makers Gives Away All Its Profits # Extra hectic …. Hump day living up to its name # IRIS Camera Lens by Mimi Zou – maybe this then becomes a contact lens orContinue reading “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24

My week on twitter: 1 retweets received, 3 mentions. Via: # @SilkCharm SSM – Silo Social Media in reply to SilkCharm # @SilkCharm Hi Pixie gurl. I'm fairly well thanks. Been hibernating. Busy bear.. trying to sell house to move. Nice hear from you. #ltns in reply to SilkCharm # Heading off for lunchContinue reading “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17

My week on twitter: 2 new followers, 4 mentions. Via: # It's not going to stop till you.. ? Wise Up – Aimee Mann #Spotify # So.. Hump days off to a not so good start mostly thanks to a rotten night.. Soldier on # @amandalandz so are hat tassel covers lolz inContinue reading “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17”