TED Talks on Designing for Disability

TED Talks on Designing for Disability: TED Talks (technology, entertainment and design) are short presentations delivered to live audiences by subject experts and recorded on video for later viewing online. The Designing for Disability playlist is 10 TED talks on good design, life hacks and smart technology to empower and include people with disability. TheContinue reading “TED Talks on Designing for Disability”

Chieko Asakawa: How new technology helps blind people explore the world | TED Talk | TED.com

  How can technology help improve our quality of life? How can we navigate the world without using the sense of vision? Inventor and IBM Fellow Chieko Asakawa, who’s been blind since the age of fourteen, is working on answering these questions. In a charming demo, she shows off some new technology that’s helping blindContinue reading “Chieko Asakawa: How new technology helps blind people explore the world | TED Talk | TED.com”

3D-printed, individually designed prosthetic legs

[wp_youtube]fir5HI0Gwrc[/wp_youtube] What I love about this is how the people feel re-connected with themselves. 3D-printed, individually designed prosthetic legs that are unabashedly artificial and completely personal. Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/69031806758345278/ via Lifekludger on Pinterest

Siftables, the smart blocks | Augmented Communication Possibilities?

A new way of thinking about alternative input and physical interaction. Possibilities for alternative and augmented communication. http://video.ted.com/assets/player/swf/EmbedPlayer.swf [David Merrill demos Siftables, the smart blocks | Video on TED.com]

5 Dangerous Things Kids should do

Dangerous Things Kids should do     photo by Leo Reynolds 1. play with fire 2. own a pocket knife 3. throw a spear 4. de-construct appliances 5. break the DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) [5.5 drive a car] Confused? Then watch this video from TED. You may just be able to impart some realContinue reading “5 Dangerous Things Kids should do”