Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Accessibility and AI

For over 30 years I’ve believed and said people living with disability stand to benefit the most from technology as a tool. So good to see Accessibility being thought, talked about and more inportantly actioned at high levels in companies. Clip from a video by Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) on Youtube. Dave – Lifekludger

Accessibility – Apple

Technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone. Play the Accessibility overviewfilm Get the transcriptfor the featured Accessibility film Taking a family portrait. Catching up over FaceTime. Raising the blinds to let in the morning light. We want everyone to enjoy the everyday moments that technology helps make possible, so we work to make every Apple productContinue reading “Accessibility – Apple”

Calls for a Technology Bill of Rights for People with Disabilities in the US

The National Council on Disability (NCD) in the United States has made a call to establish a ‘Technology Bill of Rights for People with Disabilities’ as part of a series of recommendations to the US Federal Government for making technology more accessible to people with a sensory, cognitive, or mobility disability.  … Curated by (Lifekludger)Continue reading “Calls for a Technology Bill of Rights for People with Disabilities in the US”

New Guide for Affordable and Accessible Technology Now Available Online

A new guide from ACCAN and Media Access Australia was launched this year at the annual ACCAN conference. The Affordable Access project addresses two of the key pillars of digital inclusion – affordability and accessibility of technology. The Affordable Access project is an online guide which provides information on low-cost technology with useful accessibility features. TheContinue reading “New Guide for Affordable and Accessible Technology Now Available Online”

Resistive Multitouch Touchscreen tech

Touchco was a New York company that, according to it’s now closed website title, was developing “IFSR* multi-touch resistive sensors”.  It has now reportedly ben bought by Amazon. The impressive thing about this technology is this. “Unlike the more common and more expensive capacitive touchscreens, Touchco-equipped screens can be used with a stylus as easilyContinue reading “Resistive Multitouch Touchscreen tech”