Producing Positive Disability Stories: A Brief Guide – Haben Girma -needs-cat/tags

How we describe disability experiences in the media can help or hurt the disability community. Positive portrayals promote inclusion, increasing opportunities for education, employment, and social integration. People with disabilities represent the largest minority group, numbering one billion worldwide. Reaching an audience of this scale benefits media producers. Those who choose to produce positive disabilityContinue reading “Producing Positive Disability Stories: A Brief Guide – Haben Girma -needs-cat/tags”

Accessibility advocates tweet their barriers | Toronto Star

Disability advocates are hoping social-media campaigns will publicly shame organizations into taking action on accessibility. Tim Rose made headlines this month when he posted on Facebook about his harrowing back-and-forth with Air Canada, who refused to let him take a direct flight from Toronto to Cleveland because they said his wheelchair was too big toContinue reading “Accessibility advocates tweet their barriers | Toronto Star”