Microcosms, Second Life and the Giant Zero of Distributed Media

a twitter msg sent by me from within sl Second Life offers a grid that is a microcosm of the connectedness that the Internet, operating as a pervasive, worldwide grid, promises. Second Life offers a peek into possibilities of what the world might look and feel like when the internet-as-grid connects all facets of howContinue reading “Microcosms, Second Life and the Giant Zero of Distributed Media”

Australasian Virtual Worlds Workshop

Sat in on a session at the Australasian Virtual Worlds Workshop in Second Life. It was being streamed so thought I’d grab the audio and screen shots of the presentation. Slides and audio (was a bit scratchy, but understandable) from presentation by Chris Collins – Logan Linden – given at Australasian Virtual Worlds Workshop, 29Continue reading “Australasian Virtual Worlds Workshop”

Modeling Second Life virtual objects in the Physical – Paper Prototyping

I recently came across this site called Export To World which offers a method of taking virtual objects created in Second Life and creating a physical paper model of it in First Life. In effect making physical objects from virtual ones. Novel concept you say, but so what? Well, think of the situation where aContinue reading “Modeling Second Life virtual objects in the Physical – Paper Prototyping”