Lifekludger on ABC Radio – Second life, disability & education

      A couple months back I was contacted to see if I could give some input for an ABC Radio National program segment on Second life, disability and education. My input was focused around barriers to access to technology generally and from my Lifekludger perspective. Also touched on the importance of technology forContinue reading “Lifekludger on ABC Radio – Second life, disability & education”

Live 365 stations streaming on iTunes

UPDATE AUGUST 2011 NOTE This article has a date and was current at that date. I realise that Live365 has now changed and that the instructions in this post no longer work. I wrote this mostly for a friend who used Live365 a lot. I never have. I have no intention of updating this soContinue reading “Live 365 stations streaming on iTunes”

Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions

UPDATE: The Producer of the show sent me the audio and I’ve snipped out music and commercials. You can listen here. Just like Laurel, I was asked on the ABC Radio Tuesday night to talk about Second Life (SL). Evidently the show was about online relationships, not just SL, but I didn’t know this beforehand,Continue reading “Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions”