Disintermediation – Cultural futures in a digital age on Big Ideas – ABC Radio

Finally talk about disintermediation makes it onto the quasi MSM – Great listen to some spot on thoughts around the changing future. Disintermediation is the key. ABC Radio ‘Do not be bland’ and ‘back to the bold’ is the key message in order to empower Australia’s cultural institutions in an age of digital disruption. So Kim WilliamsContinue reading “Disintermediation – Cultural futures in a digital age on Big Ideas – ABC Radio”

Edtech podcast Episode 18 – Karla Drops Accessibility Knowledge

In this episode, Ricky and Matt welcome Karla Kmetz Morris to the show to speak about accessibility and give her perspective and she also shares great resources that can help us all understand accessibility in a deeper way. We also discuss the news of the week, as always, including Google’s plan to bring VR intoContinue reading “Edtech podcast Episode 18 – Karla Drops Accessibility Knowledge”

Keyboard Access for Google Maps

Web Axe points to an article where Patrick H. Lauke provides a solution to making Google Maps keyboard accessible by retrofitting keyboard access into google maps. (Obviously JavaScript is still required.) Also, Google Maps provides a text-only option, which is nice for those using assistive devices, mobile devices, low or costly bandwidth, etc. I’ve beenContinue reading “Keyboard Access for Google Maps”