A True Hands Free Bluetooth Headset

Meet Darrell Earlier in the year I was contacted by Darrell. Darrell may not realise it, but he is a Lifekludger. Darrell has a son. His son lives with a disability. His son’s disability prevented him from using a mobile phone. Unable to press a button to activate ‘hands free’ voice control dialing – yesContinue reading “A True Hands Free Bluetooth Headset”

iPhone text accessibility plan from AT&T

For deaf, hearing impaired, and those with difficulties talking, AT&T unveiled a Text Accessibility Plan. For $40.00 per month, qualified customers get unlimited text and unlimited data, without any allotment of minutes for talk time. Sensible move by AT&T, showing that barriers to access don’t always involve convaluted solutions. [via techgadgetupdate]

Turn phone into walking radar to detect physical spaces

The “Walking Radar” project connects up a Basic Stamp and IR sensor to your cell phone in order to detect objects in the environment and influence games on the device or trigger SMS messages to be sent. [Make] It occurred to me this gadget if hooked up to the vibration part of your phone couldContinue reading “Turn phone into walking radar to detect physical spaces”