Measure with Measure-It! Adhesive Tape

Ever tried holding a conventional, metal tape measure horizontal by yourself? This is a low-tack tape that will allow you to do all of your home decorating, renovation, and craft projects. The low-tack backing makes it easy to re-position or re-use. via source:

Eye phone: How a app could help restore sight to millions

Around 39 million people in the world are affected by blindness — 80% of which could be avoided if people had timely access to diagnosis and proper treatment. Ted blog reports on Peek — an app and adapter that turn a smartphone into a comprehensive, easy-to-use, accurate eye-exam tool. Peek makes eye tests affordable and easy to administer, bypassing the need for expensive,Continue reading “Eye phone: How a app could help restore sight to millions”

7 iPad Apps to Help Students With Dyslexia – Mashable

Dyslexia is a language-based disorder that makes reading, recognizing words, spelling and decoding especially difficult…. Mashable round up a list of seven apps that students, parents and teachers may find useful covering a range of abilities and ages. via source: