Some tough love: Stop the excuses, already.

Over a year ago, Dale Cruse called me “militant” about accessibility. I know I use strong language at times, but I actively try to have a softer touch. I think he meant it kindly anyway… … The core Web technologies necessary to make web content accessible are not new. The needs of users with disabilitiesContinue reading “Some tough love: Stop the excuses, already.”

5 Dangerous Things Kids should do

Dangerous Things Kids should do     photo by Leo Reynolds 1. play with fire 2. own a pocket knife 3. throw a spear 4. de-construct appliances 5. break the DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) [5.5 drive a car] Confused? Then watch this video from TED. You may just be able to impart some realContinue reading “5 Dangerous Things Kids should do”