ARIA Labels and Relationships  |  Web  | Google Developers

Labels ARIA provides several mechanisms for adding labels and descriptions to elements. In fact, ARIA is the only way to add accessible help or description text. Let’s look at the properties ARIA uses to create accessible labels. aria-label aria-label allows us to specify a string to be used as the accessible label. This overrides any otherContinue reading “ARIA Labels and Relationships  |  Web  | Google Developers”

The art of labelling — A11ycasts #12

There’s a lot of neat tricks in this video by Rob Dodson where he focuses on accessibility tricks in Chrome’s DevTools. A few notes: Chrome DevTools has an experimental feature to help with accessibility testing that you can unlock if you head to chrome://flags/ and turn on in the DevTools settings. Wrapping an <input type=”checkbox”>Continue reading “The art of labelling — A11ycasts #12”

Using the fieldset and legend elements | Accessibility

Using the right HTML elements when implementing forms is essential to ensure they can be used by as many people as possible including screen reader users. In this blog Léonie explains the correct usage of the fieldset and legend elements. On GOV.UK we often use groups of related form fields, like a set of radio buttonsContinue reading “Using the fieldset and legend elements | Accessibility”

Always use a label — Simple = Human — Medium

Sometimes designers oversimplify a form by removing the labels. The problem is that minimal does not always mean it’s simple — which is certainly the case for labels. Labels, in fact, are an essential part of designing easy-to-use forms. Here’s why: … Curated by (Lifekludger) Read full article at Source: Always use a label — Simple =Continue reading “Always use a label — Simple = Human — Medium”

Labeled With Love, From the Notebook of Aaron Gustafson

Labeled With Love by Aaron Gustafson This is the first entry in the series Modern Web Form Best Practices. Forms exist on pretty much every site on the web in one form or another. They are the primary mechanism by which we gather information from our users.1 Of course, before anyone can fill out aContinue reading “Labeled With Love, From the Notebook of Aaron Gustafson”