Float Label Pattern – Building Better Interfaces

Float Label Pattern The Float Label Pattern was originally conceived by Matt D. Smith, where he needed to solve the issue of input field labels and space issues on mobile forms.  … the Float Label Interaction, which combines the idea of using both placeholder text and a label to identify form fields. The challenge with formContinue reading “Float Label Pattern – Building Better Interfaces”

Accessible Names – Label All the Things! (Part 2) | Mediacurrent

LABEL THE REST OF THE THINGS!Native accessible name properties that we discussed in part 1 are all great, but there are situations where these don’t suffice – where either no method for providing an accessible name exists in HTML5 or a situation arises where standard HTML5 methods aren’t enough. Enter aria-label and aria-labelledby. Aria-label andContinue reading “Accessible Names – Label All the Things! (Part 2) | Mediacurrent”

Accessible Names – Label All the Things! (Part 1) | Mediacurrent

The more we label things when building a website, the easier it is for a person who is blind and uses a screen reader to use our sites. These labels are known as the “accessible name properties” and they are baked into HTML. Curated by (Lifekludger) Read full article at Source: Accessible Names – LabelContinue reading “Accessible Names – Label All the Things! (Part 1) | Mediacurrent”