My chicken’s on the internet – poem

My boy was around, showed me this kids poetry site. One of the poems was the following. Hope you like it as much as I did. Here’s him reading it [audio] My Chicken’s On the Internet My chicken’s on the Internet. She surfs the web all day. I’ve tried to stop her browsing but, soContinue reading “My chicken’s on the internet – poem”

Colour-coded Keyboard & Mouse

This keyboard has color coded keys to teach consonants vs. vowels in order to assist kids become better spellers as well as different colors for the control keys and numbers.. I figure the extra visual feedback offered by the colour coding on this keyboard has to have additional application in areas involving cognition. [Via: ThinkGeekContinue reading “Colour-coded Keyboard & Mouse”

5 Dangerous Things Kids should do

Dangerous Things Kids should do     photo by Leo Reynolds 1. play with fire 2. own a pocket knife 3. throw a spear 4. de-construct appliances 5. break the DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) [5.5 drive a car] Confused? Then watch this video from TED. You may just be able to impart some realContinue reading “5 Dangerous Things Kids should do”