WICG/focus-visible: Polyfill for `:focus-visible`

Based on the proposed CSS :focus-visible pseudo-selector, this prototype adds a focus-visible class to the focused element, in situations in which the :focus-visible pseudo-selector should match. … Curated by (Lifekludger) Read full article at Source: GitHub – WICG/focus-visible: Polyfill for `:focus-visible`

Introducing A11y Toggle

If you’re only here for the code, go straight to the GitHub repository. A few weeks ago, I introduced a11y-dialog. Today, I am coming back with another accessibility-focused module: a11y-toggle. At Edenspiekermann, we used to heavily rely on the checkbox hack to toggle content visibility. Unfortunately, this hack (the word is an understatement) involves someContinue reading “Introducing A11y Toggle”

Getting Started with Angular & Accessibility – YouTube

The basics of getting started with accessibility and AngularJS. Includes an introduction to ARIA, keyboard navigation, Angular’s ngAria module, and how thinking about accessibility can lead to better code and an improved user experience for all users. … Curated by (Lifekludger) Read full article at Source

The Visual ARIA Bookmarklet

Visual ARIA allows engineers, testers, educators, and students to physically observe ARIA usage within web technologies, including ARIA 1.1 structural, live region, and widget roles, proper nesting and focus management, plus requisite and optional supporting attributes to aid in development. … Curated by (Lifekludger) Read full article at Whatsock.com

Pixi becomes Accessible – Goodboy™

Pixi is now Accessible! That’s right accessible. What am I talking about? Read on…Some users navigate the internet using the keyboard rather than mouse or trackpad. Users with certain disabilities interact purely the keyboard or an accessibility switch and blind users rely on assistive technology such as screen readers and so on. This is where using canvasContinue reading “Pixi becomes Accessible – Goodboy™”