Making Accessibility Simpler, With Ally.js – Smashing Magazine

A long read but worth it. One of the first things you’ll learn when looking at ARIA is that supporting keyboard navigation is fundamental. And the first step to understanding keyboard navigation is to understand what focus is. And this is where I tripped, because nobody knew (in detail) which elements could receive focus andContinue reading “Making Accessibility Simpler, With Ally.js – Smashing Magazine”

Pixi becomes Accessible – Goodboy™

Pixi is now Accessible! That’s right accessible. What am I talking about? Read on…Some users navigate the internet using the keyboard rather than mouse or trackpad. Users with certain disabilities interact purely the keyboard or an accessibility switch and blind users rely on assistive technology such as screen readers and so on. This is where using canvasContinue reading “Pixi becomes Accessible – Goodboy™”

Keyboard Navigation for Responsive Web Design | Art+Tech

HTML provides a tabindex attribute to control the tab order of elements when their document ordering differs from their visual ordering, but this is insufficient to cope with multiple dynamic orderings that can arise from developing Responsively.A CSS nav-index property was proposed which would have provided a way to solve this problem, but was unfortunatelyContinue reading “Keyboard Navigation for Responsive Web Design | Art+Tech”