Apple listens – iTunes Menu makes sense again

I just updated iTunes to v9.1 and lo and behold, look what I found. Apple have fixed the non-sensical menus that I wrote about on this blog a couple weeks back. As these screenshots now show, audio podcasts get correctly marked as Played and video podcasts as Watched. — Oh, the world somehow feels aContinue reading “Apple listens – iTunes Menu makes sense again”

iTunes menu makes no sense – Is Apple paying attention?

Okay. That’s it. I’ve had enough of seeing this message in iTunes that makes no sense every time I’m in my Podcasts area. It seems a couple versions ago someone decided at Apple that we never actually listen to audio podcasts anymore. No folks, that’s just not allowed. How uncouth. Don’t you know that sinceContinue reading “iTunes menu makes no sense – Is Apple paying attention?”

Live 365 stations streaming on iTunes

UPDATE AUGUST 2011 NOTE This article has a date and was current at that date. I realise that Live365 has now changed and that the instructions in this post no longer work. I wrote this mostly for a friend who used Live365 a lot. I never have. I have no intention of updating this soContinue reading “Live 365 stations streaming on iTunes”