How icons are ruining interfaces – Axess Lab

Icons used correctly can enhance both the user experience and look of your interface. Sadly, more and more designers are using them in the wrong way. And it’s hurting both the usability and accessibility of the interface. MY DAD AND HIS TED APP I love to watch my dad use technology. It’s such a greatContinue reading “How icons are ruining interfaces – Axess Lab”

Blow scrolling

Wired Gadget Lab has the full report on a breath-enabled interface recently shown at CES. To scroll blow steadily. To click, blow a forceful puff. Using ‘suck, puff, blow’ switches is nothing new in the area of  Assistive Technology but seeing them developed as alternative options for ‘mainstream’ Joe Public is. Wired thinks that “TheContinue reading “Blow scrolling”

Diabetes Device & iPhone

ReadWriteWeb reports on iPhone app that wirelessly connects to a Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter. A good example and model of technology assisting health and well-being. I think lots more work on hardware device interfacing needs attention allowing software <-> hardware interactions as these types of things tend to foster possibilities for environmental control. [Diabetes Device &Continue reading “Diabetes Device & iPhone”

A myriad of relay controls for Makers incl USB

There’s been discussion previously on the blog about some off the shelf, usb controlled power outlets that a few readers were chasing. I recently received the below email from a reader, Tom Stephenson, about USB control of devices using relays. Thanks Tom. Hello Dave – Lifekludger, I think you might have interest in a USBContinue reading “A myriad of relay controls for Makers incl USB”