Usability, Accessibility and Telehealth | Open Health News

The telehealth market is expected to grown at phenomenal rates in the next few years. Recent reports claim that the global telehealth market may reach $6.5 billion over the next five years at an annual growth rate of 24.2 percent. Healthcare IT is known to have usability problems, but for telehealth companies to survive theyContinue reading “Usability, Accessibility and Telehealth | Open Health News”

Kinect and VR Goggles

Kinect and VR goggles to help with Phantom Limb Syndrome… This project uses a Kinect and VR goggles to put the patient in a virtual environment…so they get a virtual representation of their whole self projected into their goggles. Limb Pain therapy with Kinect from Benjamin Blundell on Vimeo. Source: via David NContinue reading “Kinect and VR Goggles”