How Designing For Disabled People Is Giving Google An Edge

Google’s Eve Andersson tells Co.Design how today’s accessibility problems could lead to improvements in robots, Google Maps, and even YouTube. … TEACHING AIS HOW TO NOTICE, NOT JUST SEE Like Microsoft, which recently announced a computer vision-based accessibility project called Seeing AI, Google’s interested in how to convey visual information to blind users through computerContinue reading “How Designing For Disabled People Is Giving Google An Edge”

Google Maps will now Earmark Places That are Wheel Chair Friendly

Google Maps now has an accessibility feature that tells whether or not a given place is wheelchair friendly. The feature is currently available only in select locations. … Google Maps has been ushering in new features on a regular basis and now the map is aiming to be wheelchair friendly. The maps have picked upContinue reading “Google Maps will now Earmark Places That are Wheel Chair Friendly”

How Google designs for the blind

All the big technology companies have dedicated teams working on accessibility — making software and hardware features that allow people with disabilities to use them. Employing people who have disabilities is one way to make sure tools are built with accessibility in mind… Someone with perfect vision might not think to design traffic maps thatContinue reading “How Google designs for the blind”

Speech Recognition – Coming of Age!

Google recently added Voice Typing to Google Docs which really has taken speech recognition to the next level. By simply plugging in a microphone to a desktop computer students can start to use speech recognition immediately. I have found that the speech recognition that’s built into Google Docs to be very accurate and allows studentsContinue reading “Speech Recognition – Coming of Age!”

A convoluted plethora of barely connected cloud silos

Recently on Facebook JP was lamenting the confused state of managing our data in the cloud when multiple identities and platforms are involved. JP Rangaswami New Windsor, United Kingdom¬†¬∑ iCloud is terrible. Going back to Microsoft is unthinkable. Having lived through trying to use personal and corporate gmail accounts in parallel, Google is ruled outContinue reading “A convoluted plethora of barely connected cloud silos”