EverPress – Re-visiting Evernote as blog publishing engine

Back in June last year I wrote about how I was trying to use Evernote as a way of publishing to my WordPress blog.   At that time, I was using a third party plug-in for Word Press called WP-o-matic to autopost entries from Evernote which I got from a RSS feed published from aContinue reading “EverPress – Re-visiting Evernote as blog publishing engine”

2gether08 | JP recaps Cluetrain: we are human amidst the tech

JP identified five themes from Cluetrain: people are human beings people work in communities, and community extends beyond the walls of the firm hypelinks subvert hierarchies … and so conversations can go laterally, not just up and down the ladder of control conversations are richer with the new tools available, and firms have less capacityContinue reading “2gether08 | JP recaps Cluetrain: we are human amidst the tech”

Munging Evernote as a blog publishing engine

Update: If you are interested in this post, you may also like to read a later one I wrote that uses the wp plugin “Everpress”. I’ve been, and always am, looking for ways to streamline the process of getting the things I see online or come across on my computer out into the Intertubes –Continue reading “Munging Evernote as a blog publishing engine”